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The Voting Rights Act

You could lose the right to vote. This is a little known fact that the Black community. Did you know that African and Caribbean Americans are the only ethnic groups in this country who need permission to vote ?.

Hello, I'm Wellington Sharpe and this is the first in a series of social, economic, and political issues that I intend to bring to both the community and the elected officialdom through this simple medium. I hope that you find this first bulletin helpful, informative, and that it moves you to take positive action. Because this is the only way we can truly empower ourselves as a people. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is one such measure that we must stand and act in unity - NOW!
It is important that you pay close attention to this development speaks to the issues of individual enfranchisement and democratic rights.

The Voting Rights Act was signed in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson but was never constituted in a LAW. In 1982 President Ronald Reagen amended the act and gave it a lifetime of 25 years. What this means now in 2003 is that in the year 2007 the ability of Blacks to to exercise their democratic rights to elect their leaders by voting could be jeopardized.
In 2007 the U.S Congress will again convene, debate and then decide, if to extend the right to extend this "privilege" to the Black community, 38 states in the Union must approve. No other group in the United States is treated this way.
Apart from highlighting the fact that Blacks never had a right to vote under the United States Constitution, but were granted it by an act of Congress, this arrangement is a SHAME. After of forced servitude, prejudice and bigotry, Blacks are able to exercise the right afforded to other communities only if Congress feels it is necessary.
I am calling on the Congress of the United States to make the voting rights act a LAW. I am calling on presidential candidates to publicly state their position on this crucial issue and to say if they will support this law.
One Democratic Presidential Candidate, Bill Bradley, has already indicated that he will fight for the legislation to become law. Perhaps its time for Vice President Al Gore, Republicans George Bush and John McCain to publicly state their positions on the Voting rights Act.

Finally I am calling on Brooklyn's two distinguished Congressmen, Edolphus "Ed" Towns and Major Owens, to lead this fight in Washington. Their constituencies are overwhelmingly populated by Blacks - both African and Caribbean- Americans. The Voting Rights Act will therefore impact their districts very, very heavily. While the decision will be a political one, the issue of the Voting Rights Act has undertones of fairness, justice and equality.

Write or call your Congressman and have him get involved in this important issue.

This text was produced by The Friends of Wellington Sharpe. You can reach the organization and Wellington Sharpe at (718) 230-0011



Wellington Sharpe, has been a resident of Flatbush Brooklyn for the last 27 years. Mr Sharpe, a successful businessman, understands the community and remains dedicated to improve its social, economic, cultural and political life.

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His guiding philosophy has always been to serve and help people, a quality instilled in him by his parents and his school teachers. This has enhanced his professional, community and public service. Mr Sharpe continues to strive for his vision for the 21st Senatorial District, to improve
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