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My vision for the 21st Senate District in Brooklyn is one that embraces and includes everyone in its development and progress. Not to have one part of the district fearing better than the other. I am concerned about the level of education and the fact that some parents feels its neccessary to bus their children to the so-called "better schools" outside the district, or to so-called better schools in the Southern section of the district. We can do better than that. Concerts and plaques are great, but our community is still suffering from the effects of poverty, crime and lack of opportunity. I intend to change that.

On Police Brutality:

We cannot continue to ignore this problem. We cannot pretend that serious abuse of police authority is not happening in our city, and a disproportionate amount of this abuse is against communities of color.
The Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) must be given more teeth as it can be one of a number of deterrents to help rein in those cops who abuse theri position. While the vast majority of police in the NYPD are well-meaning, decent, and hardworking, there are undeniably some "rotten eggs", and its this tiny group thats causing the problems and smearing the good reputation of the NYPD. I support community policing because its one way, perhaps the best way to break down barriers between police and the community. When we get to know each other there is less likelihood oftragedies happening. We can talk. We can disagree. But we can still be friends.

There must also be serious education of NYPD personnel on the differences and peculiaraties of the diverse communities that make up New York City. An understanding of these cultural differences is important in how cops handle people in these communities.
And perhaps the most important thing is the recruitment of more Blacks and minoroties so that the NYPD reflects the racial and ethnic make up of the city. But recruitment has become very difficult because of the prevailing instances of police abuse in theses Minotity and Black communities. So a serious repair job is needed. Where NYPD "CPR" - courtesy, professionalisim and respect - really mean something.
Until the NYPD is able to do these things then sporadic instances of abuse will be the order of the day. Maybe it is time for an independant Federal monitor to intervene and help the NYPD to better police itself for the betterment of our commuinty.



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