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Mr. Wellington Sharpe is a Brooklyn-based Entrepreneur and developer, who is actively engaged in youth development. He is the founder, president and CEO, since 1991, of Nelrak Incorporated. Nelrak Inc. is a Home Health Care and Child Development of Benjamin Bannaker Mathematics, Science and Technology Youth Center (BBMSTYC). The services of Nelrak Incorporated include Day Care, Overnight Care, Early Intervention, Youth Development and Home and Health Care Services, Training and Equipment Supplies. BBMSTYC operates through the corporate headquarters of Nelrak Incorporated at 1057 Fulton Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Prior to the establishment of Nelrak Incorporated, Mr. Wellington Sharpe served as an administrator (1985 - 1991) at the State University Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. There he engaged in policy-making, personnel training and management.
Mr. Sharpe's corporate experience also included employment as a manager for Service Master (1983 - 1984), employment as a senior document analyst for Aspen System (1979 - 1980) and employment as credit authorizer for Franklin Simon (1975 - 1978 ).

Mr. Wellington Sharpe also graduated with a bachelors degree (1981) in business administration from Bernard M. Baruch University, New York, and with an associate degree in Applied Science from New York City Community College, 1979.
At Bernard M. Baruch University, Mr. Sharpe majored in International Business. At New York Community College he majored in Marketing and Management . Mr. Wellington Sharpe's educational and Professional background also includes one year of Theological Studies at Jamaica Theological Seminary, Jamaica WI. Ordainment for Church Ministry, Church of Gospel Ministry Inc. , April 1982. Certified family counseling and Hypnologist, Hyponodyne Foundation, July 1992, Certificate in Tropical Agriculture, London, England, February 1972.

In addition to active involvement in education and health care through Nelrak Incorporated, Mr. Wellington Sharpe is a strongly committed to the socio-economic, political and cultural development of the Brooklyn Community. He has been very active in this regard.

"W.S entrepeneur accepting his award for Caribbean American Chamber Of Commerce and
Industry, Inc. (C.A.C.C.I). (L) Dr. Roy Hostick, President and founder.
(R) Derrick Broom, Chairman."

Mr. Sharpe is the co-founder and treasurer of the Carribean-African-American Council and an active member of the Lions Club, East Brooklyn Chapter. The Carribean-African-American Council is an organization geared towards youth empowerment and socio-economic, political and cultural development in the Brooklyn Community. Mr. Sharpe serves on the Community Advisory Board of the Kings County Hospital and Caledonian Hospital in Brooklyn, where he also serves on the Bioethic committee.

As part of his continuing effort in contributing towards youth development, Mr. Wellington Sharpe has contributed his time, professional expertise, corporate and personal resources towards the growth of the Benjamin Bannaker Mathematics, Science and Technology Youth Center. (BBMSTYC).
BBMSTYC is a non profit organization with enrichment programs geared towards preparing minority youth for leadership, as well as, the professions in scientific and technical fields.
As president and co-founder of BBMSTYC, Mr. Sharpe is appealing to you to join BBMSTYC in its effort to to help develop a diversified workforce trained to meet the scientific challenges of the future, and to motivate your youth in the direction of productive citizenry. We welcome your tax-deductible cash /kind donations and assistance or professional service in helping BBMSTYC to achieve its goals.


A long-time community leader and activist WELLINGTON SHARPE is the kind of person who will work for you...(more)

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