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>>> About Wellington Sharpe: Businessman*Community Leader*Activist

A long-time comunnity leader and activist WELLINGTON SHARPE is the kind of person who will work for you. He's got REAL-LIFE experience in management and organization having developed and nurtured his own business for over 25 years. He has used his business to help people gain entry-level positions into the competitive Brooklyn ob market, many of whom have gone on to bigger things. He is a graduate of Baruch College and sits on the boards of a number of organizations including the Community Advisory Boards of the Kings County Hospital Center and Brooklyn Hospital Center. SHARPE is a member of the caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) and the Caribbean Action Lobby, two community organizations dedicated to promoting business and civic awareness.

As ana activist SHARPE has worked with other community leaders - elected and unelected - to help advocate for quality health care for all. He has spoken out against things that negatively affected the community including police brutality, neighborhood crime, teenage pregnancy and the need for those in authority to bring important services to the community.

SHARPE favors a consultative style that will be the engine which drives COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT in the decision-making process - across the board. Throughout his adult life he has always placed a high premium on community service because he believes that this builds character.

SHARPE started his life in New York City after migrating from Jamaica at the bottom of the social and economic ladder. He was first a cab driver, a day worker at Burger King, and he juggled two and sometimes three jobs to further his education and feed his family. That is why he can relate to the day-to-day struggles of the residents of the 21st District whether it is working hard to keep that hard-earned home by scarificing to pay the mortgage or saving to send a child to college.

SHARPE understands the community and is sensitive to its varied needs. He brings to the District the kind of proactive, informed and caring leadership with a vision for the community that is sorely needed in this time. SHARPE will bring the kind of leadership that unites all residents of the District and celebrates and embraces its diversity.

"I believe that I've been specially prepared to meet these challenges. I'm qualified to represent this district. I believe that the strength to make a change for the better is part of what makes our community great. We must face the future together in the spirit of a shared commitment to lifting up all our residents and with the understanding that this commitment must be a partnership of equals that works for the benefit and good of all," Sharpe says.


Putting People Back Into Politics





"Don't forget to add the E to SHARPE for Education, Excellency and Economics"

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