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a nature lover.jpg
A Nature Lover

young entrepeneurs.jpg

Young Entrepreneur

award for C.A.C.C.jpg
Award for C.A.C.C
Brooklyn Coordinator.jpg
Brooklyn Coordinator
campaign trail.jpg
Campaign Trail
Campaign Volanteers.jpg
Campaign Volunteers
Census Coordinator.jpg
Census Coordinator
Dancing with his mother.jpg
Dancing with his Mother
Epcot City.jpg
Epcot City
factory in Kenya.jpg
Factory in Kenya
giving back.jpg
Giving Back
hot in New York.jpg
Hot in New York

Kenya 1998
lady in red.jpg
Lady in Red
local church.jpg
Local Church
May Pen.jpg
May Pen
meeting and greeting.jpg
Meeting and Greeting
meeting voters.jpg
Meeting Voters
Ms. Black Woman.jpg
Ms. Black Woman
pan performance.jpg
Pan Performance
Pocono Mountains.jpg
Pocono Mountains
posing with supporters.jpg
Posing with Supporters
sampling cake.jpg
Sampling Cake
senior citizens center.jpg
Senior Citizens Center
sharing a joke.jpg
Sharing a Joke
speaking with seniors.jpg
Speaking with Seniors
speaking with seniors_2.jpg
Speaking with Seniors_2
speaking with seniors_3.jpg
Speaking with Seniors_3
speaking with seniors_4.jpg
Speaking with Seniors_4
steps of borough hall.jpg
Steps of Borough Hall
Streets of Flatbush.jpg
Streets of Flatbush
training for census.jpg
Training for Census
very young supporter.jpg
Very Young Supporter
Visiting Vendors.jpg
Visiting Vendors
with Seniors.jpg
With Seniors
worship with the brothers.jpg
Worship with the Brothers
WS and Hilary.jpg
WS and Hillary
WS Daughter and Son.jpg
WS Daughter and Son
WS is there.jpg
WS is here

WS and son with Michael Bloomberg


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To Volunteer fo the campaign to elect Wellington Sharpe: Call 718 - 230 - 0011